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Bates Dairy is a family run business & they have been providing fresh milk & dairy products for over 75 years. You will often see the herds in the fields enjoying the sunshine around the Wirral.


Guy - our egg man, runs another local family  business which has been established for 70 years. They make all of their own feed so you know exactly what the hens are eating. This makes for high quality eggs & happy hens!!

Mixed sough dough.jpg

Verity - our butter lady, uses local cream to churn and then washes out all of the buttermilk by hand before moulding and then using great granny's butter pats for the final touch.


Matt - our very own "spice boy", has been blending, roasting and hand packing the spices since 1999. All done in small batches  so we know they are top quality when they are delivered to your door for you to create delicious culinary dishes!!


Steven - our jam maker, says the long & short of it is that all our jams and chutneys are full of the best ingredients and made in a traditional way. So why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury on your toast in the morning with our delicious strawberry jam?


Richard - our from field 2 fork smoker uses both traditional hot & cold smoking techniques and various blends of hard wood to produce a subtle, yet complex flavour to both dairy & meat products.

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