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From Field 2 Fork

we supply food direct from our 

fields to your fork

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We want to celebrate the area we live in, the natural environment, its products and its people.

​We want to promote the excellence of keeping it local by presenting the finest food and drink from the North West, keeping traditions whilst welcoming change and innovation.

​The North West with its extensive coastline and varied farm land is a perfect area to source our artisans and producers, and keeping it local is a great way to reduce plastic use and minimise the carbon footprint. With vegetables from the land, fruit from the orchards and meat reared locally there is much less need for packaging.

​We really care about the quality of produce and have selected the finest meat, cheese, bread, pickles, preserves, seasonal fruit and vegetables from like minded small scale producers.

​Our food is all about gathering the finest ingredients, nurtured and respected all the way from the fields that supply us,  through our producers and onto your fork. 



Food tastes best when its in season and at its peak. We are passionate about sourcing, picking and preserving the best seasonal produce and ingredients to use in our recipes throughout the year. 

Whether its foraging along the foreshore for samphire or harvesting young baby cucumbers from our greenhouses through to the anticipated wait for the start of the game season, seasonality is at the heart of everything we produce. 

Eating well is sharing seasonal local food with friends and family. We believe that following the years natural cycle is better for the soil, the produce and for everyone who lives to eat.

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